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He Was Bullied & Kicked Out of Preschool30 Yrs Later, His Viral Comeback SLAMS His Haters in the Best Way


He was kicked out of 2 preschools and spent “hundreds of hours being bullied.”

Motivational speaker, author and autism awareness advocate Kerry Magro took to the web to shed some perspective on the way we see people. In a Facebook post by Love What Matters, Magro sharedthese powerful words:

If you knew me

You would know I was nonverbal at 2 and a half

You would know I was diagnosed with autism at 4

You would know I got kicked out of two preschools

You would know I had extreme sensory-integration difficulties

You would know I would lash out to get attention when I couldnt communicate on my own

You would know I twirled my hair

You would know that when I was in school, my peers labeled special education wrong instead of special

You would know I spent hundreds of hours a year in therapy to get to where I am

You would know I spent hundreds of hours being bullied because of my diagnosis

You would know that being institutionalized was a possibility.

But if you also knew me

You would know I graduated grade school

You would know I graduated high school

You would know I graduated college

You would know I received a masters degree

You would know I have a job

You would know I consulted for a major motion picture

You would know I live independently

You would know I consult to help parents who have children with autism

You would know I am a national speaker, life coach and author

You would know I have had a girlfriend

You would know I love my family, my friends and the autism community out there

You would know that Im Kerry, and no matter what autism means or doesnt mean Im being the best me I can be

Only if you knew me

If you are reading this, please know that autism cant define our loved ones and only we can define autism. I know so many kids on the spectrum today who are trying to be the very best they can be. We as a community have so many unique and beautiful stories to share so please make sure they are heard.

Kerry Magro wears many hats in the autistic community. A young adult on the autistic spectrum himself, he is a professional speaker, columnist, life coach, screenwriter, consultant and author. His debut book is called Defining Autism From the Heart, in which he covers topics like Overcoming Obstacles, Turning Your Disability Into an Ability, How to Find Your Voice, Living Life With a Positive Attitude, Encouraging Hope in Our Loved Ones and many more!

He has defied many odds, and lives his life to the fullest, helping others to do the same.

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