Home Videos Learn how RobotsLab is innovating #STEM Education (@TheRobotsLAB)

Learn how RobotsLab is innovating #STEM Education (@TheRobotsLAB)


Jeff sits down with Elad Inbar from RobotsLab.com to discuss how STEM Education is transforming classrooms worldwide.

About RobotsLab

RobotsLab 300RobotsLAB is the specialist in robotics and education. Our team of roboticists, engineers, teachers and professors developed the RobotsLAB BOX, an all-in-one tailored solution featuring the best robots; A STEM curriculum aligned with TEKS, STAAR and Common Core Standards; and a tablet allowing teachers to control the robots, and run exercises and lessons in the palm of their hand without any prior experience with robotics. At RobotsLAB it is our goal to make STEM teaching fun and engaging for teachers and students. For more information, visitRobotsLAB.com.

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Featured Guest

Elad Inba, CEO and Founder, RobotsLAB
Elad Inbar is the founder and CEO of www.RobotAppStore.com, the first marketplace for apps for robots, and www.RobotsLAB.com, the boutique firm that is dedicated to teaching science and math using robotics platforms. Passionate about robotics, Elad has shared his expertise with schools, science museums, and research groups at prominent universities around the world; teaching algebra and physics using robots. With parallel careers in academia and technology, Elad is uniquely qualified to bridge the cutting-edge robotics industry and the educational market. Based in San Francisco, Elad has lived on three continents and recruited teams speaking more than 10 languages. He is also the co-founder of the IROB, Israel's Robotics Association. His current ventures in robotics and education received wide publication and recognition in the Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Tech Crunch, IEEE, NBC, Financial Times, Fast Company, CNET, San Francisco Chronicle and other media outlets.

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