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Sarah Silverman performs raunchy routine at education charity gala | Fox News


Sarah Silverman delivered a raunchy routine of new material this week at a charity gala for arts education in public schools. But even the adult guests were shocked in an audience that included teen students.

Sassy Silvermans routine at the ArtsConnection 2016 Benefit Celebration described as considerably dirty and outrageous managed to include topics from vomit to semen, with gags mentioning abortion, sexual assault, her dead dog and sex with boyfriend Michael Sheen, spies said.

At the end of the night, Silverman seemed to shock even the most hard-core New Yorkers with her limit-pushing new material, said a guest at the esteemed annual event, where Lena Dunham and Amy Cappellazzo were honored. Another guest at the gala said of Silvermans saucy shtick, I guess she was told not to hold back.

The event kicked off with a more tame performance by kids from MS 266 Park Place Community Middle School in Brooklyn, and presenters included students from city high schools Edward R. Murrow and La Guardia.

Even for teens, Silvermans routine was intense, said one guest.

An ArtsConnection rep said: When you invite Sarah Silverman, you get Sarah Silverman … She was as brilliant and provocative as she always is. She added, The remaining students in the room during Sarahs performance were high school seniors.

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