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[Ed1] While Democrats are united in supporting teachers’ strikes in California, the party is divided over the role of charter schools in education, reports Dana Goldstein in the New York Times.

[Ed2] A recently-released report shows that community college students that go on to elite schools graduate at higher rates than first-time freshmen.

[Ed3] Field trips, apart from being enjoyable experiences for school students also hold numerous educational benefits. The various benefits have been outlined in a recent research paper, summarised by Education Next.

[Ed4] The state of Louisiana is undertaking new measures to ensure a more well-rounded education for its students, placing more emphasis on enrichment opportunities.

[Ed5] Timothy Shanahan, a professor at the University of Illinois blogs about the low percentage of American students achieving reading proficiency.

[Ed6] Corey DeAngelis, education policy analyst for the Cato Institute, argues that striking teachers in California should campaign for expanded school choice instead.

[Ed7] A new research paper suggests that single-sex schools have a significant positive effect on academic results as well as reducing arrest rates and teen motherhood.

[Ed8] Education Week’s editors and reporters set out what they believe to be the 10 major trends and ideas that will shape the conversation on education in 2019.

[Ed9] Do American schools provide equality of opportunity for students? Brookings Institute analyst Dick Startz examines where American schools fall short on educational equality.

[Ed10] Schools are often decried as being ‘factory-like’ in their models of learning. But is this really the case? Tom Greenwell, writing for Australian publication Inside Story, investigates the issue.

[Ed11] The ‘Learning Pyramid’ is one of the more popular learning theories within education. Blake Harvard, a psychology teacher and blogger, deconstructs the idea and explains why it’s a myth.

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